Design by Proxy

by Kelly Lafosse Design llc

Los Angeles based designer, Kelly Lafosse, who predominantly designs residences and commercial spaces in Southern California, has created magnificent examples of Neo-California Design. When a friend of one of Lafosse's clients visited their Hollywood Hills home, she became obsessed with the brand new look of the mid-century modern structure which Lafosse had turned into a mid-centruy, Italian modern and retro decor  gem. The friend wanted to somehow duplicate the feeling in her home 3,000 miles away in Manhattan. It sounded like a challenge to the client, but Lafosse knew it would be easy. Lafosse completed the job, the client was happy, without ever once visiting the apartment in New York.

Lafosse dreamed up the concept of Design by Proxy which allows clients who live outside the SoCal area and who admire her work to sit down with her in cyberspace and decorate their homes and offices.

Design by Proxy allows a client access to Lafosse and her design ideas, concepts and solutions, without her having to travel back and for to them, something that often adds a huge % to the overall budget. And in this day and age, it's just not necessary.

Some Design by Proxy clients choose to work on one room at a time and some redecorate an entire home. This is all made available through online resources and FaceTime capabilities. It's efficient and easy.

The first step is to submit a Design by Proxy information form. This will include, but is not limited to, photo's of each space, the exterior of the home, and any information necessary to design the space. It is also important for you to inform her about your likes and dislikes, design style inspirations, and the overall functionality of your home.

Lafosse works extensively with clients to address each unique space and design concept and guides them through the completion of each space.

The design fee is based on the scope of the project and will be quoted prior to commencement of design.