Love Letters

'Kelly Has such a fresh eye, after I described what I wanted to do in my space, she came up with some great ideas followed up with pricing and layouts, make the whole process enjoyable and efficient. I was such a pleasure to work with her, I definitely recommend Kelly to anyone who wants to update a space or create a new modern look in their home or office.'         - Yolanda



'We bought a large home last year and had no idea how to best place the furniture and art. Kelly assessed our needs in terms of our life style. She was able to artfully place everything where we'd get the most use out of it, and it looks beautiful! She also assisted us with purchasing furnishings and accessories to complete each room in our new home. I would highly recommend Kelly to anyone who needs interior design help.'        - Elisa



'Kelly redesigned my entire home, and gave a facelift to my life! She is amazingly talented; I really cannot emphasize that enough...she sees the potential for beauty in everything. She also is an absolute pleasure to work with and makes the entire process so much fun. I keep thinking of new projects just so that I can work with her. She is incredibly creative and very good at fining inexpensive ways to bring beauty to your and life. She can re-purpose older pieces and mix high end with the dirt cheap. Kelly is the bomb!        - Stacy